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Karibu! (Welcome!),

If you’ve come looking for a cultural exchange and experience like no other in the heart of Kenya’s bustling capital, look no further! Diddy’s Kibera Tours provides a safe, affordable, and insider’s glimpse into what life is really like in Africa’s largest slum!

Slum Tour from Xavier Project on Vimeo.

On the outskirts of Nairobi, Kibera is at once part of one of Africa’s most developed cities and at the same times stands apart from it. Yes, there is a lot of poverty here, but there’s also a sense of freedom.

This fringe metropolis is not bound by the same rules as the rest of the city. It is an organic and sprawling free space where social and artistic enterprises can evolve outside the confines of more formal settlement.

The 1/2 day tour will last approximately three hours, yet is entirely flexible. You can skip some visits, spend more time at others, or arrange a customized tour if Kibera.

The tour guide Diddy  is a second generation Kiberan who was born and bred in the slum and knows its rhythms and secrets intimately. Theres no better way to get a feel for this place, home to hundreds of thousands of Kenyans, that many tourists miss out on.

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